5 versions of Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosks

Waterproof outdoor standing touch kiosk

Waterproof feature is a must if you are regularly holding events outdoor.


Interactive floor standing touch screen kiosk on roadside

The guy is talking to his clients about showing ads on their established kiosks across Kansas city road. Ads could be customized to display any time of the day.

This is a presentation during a 2016 Smart Cities Conference on the Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks. These kiosks are located along the streetcar stops. There are kiosks at other public locations as well. The kiosks allow pedestrians to view a real time streetcar location map and view information about local events and information. They also generate revenue through advertising sales for the City of Kansas City. Similar initiatives are being discussed in other cities, including along the Oklahoma City Streetcar line. The kiosks were designed and manufactured by Smart City Media.


Large 42 inch landscape standing kiosk

Inside you will see a simple demonstration of a landscape kiosk of 42 inch by the staff from Signwell. Landscape kiosk is good for product display during an exhibition.
They come in sizes of 32,47,55 and 65. The software runs on window or android.



Classy Floor Standing Touchscreen Kiosk

Demonstrating the Model FLR100, Floor Standing Touchscreen Kiosk solution from Israk.


43 inch floor standing capacitive touch kiosk

This is a demonstration of the backend configuration of a typical android-powered kiosk.