Digital Signage Kiosk With Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

digital signage kiosk with sanitizing

Digital signage kiosk with sanitizing dispensers offer a unique solution for promoting healthy habits while ensuring that the public is safe and protected from the coronavirus. These contactless devices are easily installed, and are designed with the end user in mind. The on-screen content can be updated with the click of a button. These touchscreen-based displays are perfect for public health, healthcare, and retail environments.

The hand sanitizing kiosks by NoviSign Ltd. are sleek and free-standing kiosks with a touchscreen display. While they don’t come with a hand sanitizer dispenser, the device does come with a remote management option. Using a computer with an internet connection, the kiosk’s software allows users to update the content remotely. The system can also display a static or video logo.

The hand sanitizing kiosks by NoviSign include an internal auto-dispenser that automatically dispenses sanitizer for a variety of situations. The kiosks also support a foam, gel, or liquid disinfectant and feature an integrated 21.5-inch display. The touchscreen version can show static or animated advertisements as well as health-related information. The devices also include a high-definition 21.5-inch digital signage for media playback.

A hand sanitizer kiosk from NoviSign, a digital signage software company, offers a 21-inch touchscreen display and one-year renewable license for use on a network of displays. The kiosk comes with an internal auto-dispenser that holds a gallon of liquid, foam, or gel sanitizer. The touchscreen version is a convenient choice for public locations.

The hand sanitizer kiosk is an effective way to fight the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The hand sanitizer kiosk has an integrated commercial-grade 21.5-inch touchscreen, which displays advertisements and health information. The unit has a stainless-steel finish, and has a built-in 1 gallon auto-dispensing dispenser for sanitizing liquid.

A hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk from NoviSign is equipped with an internal auto-dispenser and metal closing. It has a touch-screen display and a touchscreen for advertisements and health information. Unlike traditional hand sanitizer dispensers, the NoviSign hand sanitizer kiosk has a long shelf life and can be placed anywhere where people can reach it.

A hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk from NoviSign is an excellent solution for workplace, retail, or healthcare locations. This unique touchscreen digital signage kiosk is equipped with a 1,000 ml refillable hand sanitizer. Aside from its digital signage capabilities, it also has a built-in sanitizer dispenser. It’s an all-in-one solution for promoting sanitary practices.

Digital signage hand sanitizer kiosks are available in wall-mounted and freestanding configurations. These digital signage kiosks have both static and interactive digital signage. Its design is made with the end user in mind, and can be mounted on almost any indoor wall. This unit is designed for convenience and is suitable for any public place. A cloud-based digital signage software allows for the remote management of content and applications.